About WA Mums Cottage

Values, Vision and Mission of WA Mums Cottage, Inc.

Our Corporate Values

Our values are integrity, respect, inclusion, compassion, guest focus, empowerment.

Our Vision

That all women and children live in safe, supportive and nurturing communities.

Mission Statement

To provide services to assist women and children in crisis who experience distress or family violence

  • To create a safe place where women and children in crisis can find a strong network of support, companionship, encouragement and growth
  • To assist in achieving safe, secure and appropriate housing
  • To assist parents in nurturing the social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of their children



WA Mums Cottage would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors and supporters:

  • Alcoa and PEACH
  • Mandurah Murray Mayday
  • John and Bella Perry
  • Simply Savvy Web Design
  • The Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem

WA Mums Cottage, Inc. Board Members:

  • Kaye Seeber
  • Adrian Wells
  • Sally Glass
  • Lesley de Grussa
  • Lisa Dunne